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Tiffany Sauls MD


What if doctors and therapists had the time and space to do the work they love?  Come find out what happens when it's possible.

After contacting us, our office staff will reach out to you by text/phone to explain the onboarding process.  We will remain available by phone or text to help you with the process at any step along the way. We use Osmind, a platform for ensuring that your records and any communications with our staff are HIPAA protected and secure. 

After scheduling, you will be asked to pay a deposit and the remainder of the fees will be collected the day of your appointment.  We do not take insurance at this time but will provide you with a superbill for appointments that may be reimbursable through your insurance.  

On the day of your appointment, you will initially meet with our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for a comprehensive interview so that we can understand your health in its complete context. Afterwards, you will be invited to engage in a nature connection experience with a goal of employing all of your senses and enjoying some time outside.  Finally, you will meet with our Integrative Psychiatrist to begin working on developing a holistic treatment plan.


Appointments and pricing: Appointments and Pricing
Appointments and pricing: Text

Integrative Psychiatry Services

What if your doctor had time to sit down with you and really listen?  

In your initial evaluation with Dr Sauls, board certified integrative psychiatrist with more than 15 years experience and extensive training in psychedelic therapies and nature connection work, you will have time to explore the entirety of your health history and current concerns.  We take time to contact your current and past doctors, therapists, and other providers and, more importantly, we take time to listen.  Our goal is a holistic understanding of your health and all of the factors that affect it.  When feasible, we prefer to sit down outside or talk while walking to make space and time for anything that needs to be said.  

After your initial evaluation, we may recommend individualized laboratory or genetic testing to better understand what therapies will be most useful, why current therapies are or are not working, and to see how we can safely decrease the use of pharmaceuticals.  The cost of any needed testing is paid directly to the laboratory conducting the studies.  We do not have a financial relationships with any testing agencies. 

We offer in house therapy with staff trained specifically in integrative approaches, nature connection, and psychedelic therapy for clients who do not have a current therapist or who prefer wraparound services. 

Initial MD Evaluation

$600/90 minutes

Follow up MD appts

$300/60 minutes

Therapist appts

$150-200/75 minutes

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

What if there was something that could actually fix things for good?

Our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) protocol is unique in the current practice of psychiatry.  While psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is an emerging standard of care, most practices offer it only as an office based treatment.  Our approach is based on the belief that psychedelic medicines work best when paired with deep connection to nature.  Psychedelic medicines offer a brief window of perceptual shift that can profoundly improve therapeutic outcomes.  When paired with trained nature immersion that engages all of the senses, this perceptual shift becomes accessible and useful in daily life wherever nature connection is possible. 

All potential clients are seen for an initial screening appointment.  If it appears that KAP is safe and appropriate, clients will be enrolled in our 6 week protocol and have a 90 minute intake with a therapist trained in psychedelic assisted therapies.  The price of our KAP protocol includes all services after the screening appointment to the exit ceremony and continued group nature connection therapy for 4 months after exiting the protocol. All nature connection and therapy sessions are included. The goal of our protocol is definitive care.  However if additional, or maintenance, KAP sessions are indicated, they are offered at a reduced rate as individual sessions. 

For more information about the cost of our protocol please click the link below.


Maximum cost for the 6 week protocol with 4 KAP sessions, 20 hours of individual therapy, and 4 months of group therapy. This price 

includes a nonrefundable $300 medical screening fee.


Individual booster/maintenance session (includes prep/integration)


Group booster/maintenance session (includes prep/integration)

Nature Connection Therapy

When was the last time you really connected with nature?

We all have an inner healing intelligence that is capable of guiding our minds and bodies towards health.  However, this inner healer requires time and space to do its work.  Often, in day to day life we are moving too fast with too many distractions to take the time and space that we need for our inner healing intelligence to function. By slowing down and connecting with the natural world around us we can create the conditions needed to facilitate healing.  Our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Erika McClung is now accepting clients for individual therapy. She is a gifted listener and can help guide you to finding that which nourishes your inner healer.

$150/75 minutes

Appointments and pricing: Welcome
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