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Are you curious about the synergistic effects of nature and psychedelic therapies?  Our 3 day ketamine therapy offering combines guided nature connection, ketamine therapy, body work, breath work and meditation.  These sessions are conducted in cozy, open cabins on our property with specifically trained providers and medical staff. You will have a separate medical screening appointment to acquaint you with our staff and orient you to our space.  


This three day offering is designed for clients who are curious about integrating psychedelic therapy into their current treatment approaches or who are in the midst of significant life transitions.  It is not appropriate for the treatment of depression, anxiety, or PTSD as a stand alone therapy.  For those diagnoses our longer protocol is typically a better choice.  For general questions about ketamine, please see here.  


Our three day ketamine protocol is best used as an opportunity to step away from habitual thought and allow a gentle reset of the mind and body.  We use guided nature connection on our secluded retreat to prepare and ground our clients for the psychedelic terrain ahead and then use a personalized combination of body work, meditation, and yoga instruction to embody and integrate the experience.  The combination of bodywork, meditation, and/or yoga instruction is tailored to individual client preferences. We also encourage clients to extend their time at the sanctuary afterwards, taking time to journal, listen to music, or just be in nature.  


The combined effects of nature connection, ketamine therapy, and body and breathwork can be valuable for achieving a new perspective on both internal and external events.  The experience can help change habits, create new patterns, and interrupt repetitive thoughts.  All clients undergo a screening intake to ensure that ketamine therapy is safe and appropriate and all sessions are overseen by our medical staff.  


If you would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule a call with one of our physicians.  This is a free call and its purpose is to ensure that the one day session is a good fit for your current needs.  From there, we would schedule a thorough, in-person appointment prior to the Ketamine session.  



3 Day Ketamine Protocol

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