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Ketamine has emerged as a powerful tool for the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions.  As a short acting psychedelic medicine it can offer unique perspectives that lead to profound insights and can improve therapeutic outcomes.  


Like all psychedelic medicines, the context in which the medicine is taken is profoundly important.  Current evidence and the experiences of our clients shows us that the use of psychedelic medicines in natural settings, paired with guidance in nature connection, leads to the best outcomes.  


All Ketamine therapies begin with physician consultation to make sure that treatment is safe and appropriate.  Additional information about our two types of Ketamine therapies can be found below.

We are happy to talk to you by phone about any and all of our services. Our goal is to provide the best possible fit between our services and our client's needs. Contact us to talk to one of our physicians.

The Healing Journey

What if your next doctor's appointment started with a walk in the woods?


Our Healing Journey Ketamine Therapy Protocol is built on research and experience utilizing the synergistic effects of nature connection and psychedelic medicines to nourish the healing potential that we all possess. 

This 2 to 6 week protocol is tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals and includes 4 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions, preparatory and integrative therapy before and after each session, guided nature connection, and physician oversight throughout.  With our highly trained therapists and medical monitoring by a nurse practitioner, we believe this to be the safest and best approach to the use of psychedelic therapies currently available.


Our Healing Journey Ketamine Protocol has benefited clients living with treatment resistant depression, PTSD, addictive behaviors, and a range of anxiety disorders.   

The Day Trip

Our single session Ketamine Therapy is designed to compliment existing self-care strategies and is best used by clients looking to catalyze a change in their lives. The Day Trip uses the power of a guided psychedelic experience to enhance connection to the self, to others and to the natural world.  


Clients prepare for their medicine session with an initial visit for medical screening, guided nature connection, and an orientation to our space and staff.  On the day of their medicine session, clients begin with time in nature prior to a ketamine therapy session. To integrate and re-ground after the session, clients have the option of adding personalized bodywork from a trauma-informed massage therapist and yoga instructor.  Clients will return the next day to continue integrating their experience with their therapist on site to help make their experience durable and meaningful.

4-Week Protocol

The price of this service includes physician consultation, over 20 hours of individualized therapy, medical monitoring during sessions, guided nature connection work, and all medications. Many clients complete their journey over 4 weeks but this can be accomplished in 2-6 weeks depending on needs and scheduling.


The price of this service includes preparatory and integrative sessions, one day of Ketamine Assisted Therapy, body work, guided breath work or movement, and medical evaluation and monitoring.   The experience can be tailored to individual preferences.  Please contact us for more details or additional questions.

Group Ketamine Therapy 

We offer ketamine therapy for groups of up to 4 with therapists specifically trained in psychedelic therapies and nature connection.  These group experiences can be powerful reminders of what we all have in common in humans and the group can provide a level of support that is unique and enduring.  Currently, group therapy is available to any clients who have undergone prior ketamine therapy with us at Asheville Integrative Psychiatry and to pre-formed groups of friends or coworkers who are looking for a group experience.  Please contact us for additional details.  

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