Psychedelics and Nature Connection

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Service Description

Spend the morning at our 16-acre wooded retreat with Dr. Tiffany Sauls, a principal investigator in MDMA treatment of PTSD research and owner of Asheville Integrative Psychiatry psychedelic therapy center. We will discuss the latest updates in MDMA therapy and psychedelic legalization, the crucial role of integration and nature connection in this work, and current options for psychedelic therapy in WNC. Our focus is on standard of care and being a model for psychedelic treatment that is healing and safe for all involved. Come learn, connect, and join the community discussion around this new-to-western-medicine treatment that is taking off in the world of health and wellness. the group for questions and sharing. It is our goal to create services that are accessible to all. If you are unable to attend due to the cost of these events, please contact us for help booking. ----------- On October 8th one of our primary psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners, Kaity Horseman, LCSW, LCAS, will be speaking and opening discussion for all your psychedelic therapy questions. Kaity will be talking about the intersections of trauma therapy approaches and the use of psychedelic therapy for promoting healing. She will discuss some of the most effective treatment approaches for addressing trauma, how ketamine therapy can enhance the healing process, and best practices for addressing trauma with and without the use of psychedelics. Kaity will spend some time presenting information based on research and from personal experiences and then opening up the discussion to the group for questions and sharing.