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Psychedelic Medicine and Nature Connection: Ketamine Assisted-Psychotherapy at AIP

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At Asheville Integrative Psychiatry, our focus is on nature connection as a foundation for mental health and wellness. The use of psychedelic medicines in conjunction with nature therapy may seem like a natural fit to some people, given the role of psychedelics in indigenous practices, or for those who have had positive psychedelic experiences in natural settings. For others, the use of psychedelic medicines may seem unnecessary or unpleasantly pharmacological in the context of nature therapy. Both perspectives are valid and reflected in our approach.

Many of our clients benefit from nature connection work facilitated by our trained therapists and we do not offer any treatment plan that does not revolve around fostering a healthy connection to the natural world. The inner healer that we all possess is most capable when surrounded by the beauty and relationships found in natural settings. We feel this intuitively and we see it clinically, even in hospitals where post operative recovery is quicker in rooms with window overlooking nature.

Psychedelic medicines, like Ketamine and Psilocybin, are powerful tools for healing due to their ability to create new perspectives and new ways of seeing the world around us. Psychedelic experiences can be profound and life changing. It is common for people to develop a greater understanding of their interconnectedness with the world while under the influence of these medicines. Our approach is to help clients create and nourish their connection to the natural world prior to the use of psychedelic medicines so that the experience of interconnectedness can be perceived with greater context during a psychedelic experience and so that the experience can be integrated into daily life.

Our goal with our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) protocol that is combined with nature connection therapy is to use the psychedelic experience to foster increased connection to the natural world and to use that connection to create less need for medicines of any type. Once out inner healer is given the correct conditions for growth, patience and gratitude may be the only continued requirements for healing.

Psychedelic nature therapy

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