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Healing and Resources in Western North Carolina

For over 200 years, Western North Carolina has been a destination for wellness and healing. From the cool mountain air, to the mineral-rich hot springs, abundance of fresh local foods, and awe-inspiring views, the ancient Appalachians are a treasured place to find peace and renewal for mental and physical health.

Asheville and the surrounding area are rich with both natural and human-made places to rest, rejuvenate, and find deeper healing for your whole self. Below, you’ll find resources on spas and saunas, yoga and movement classes, bodywork, guided nature experiences, and more. We also recommend a few places to stay if you need accommodations during your time here.

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Wellness Providers

Wellness Providers

Still Point Wellness Asheville's Premier Esalen® Massage and Saltwater Floatation Spa, also offering yoga and dance, craniosacral therapy, and more. 

Medicine Mama Wellness Jess Toan practices trauma-informed bodywork incorporating hot stones, deep tissue, and Esalen massage. She also incorporates essential oils and CBD.

Forest Bathing with Asheville Wellness Tours Experience the healing power of nature therapy. The practice of forest bathing encourages you to slow down, relax and reconnect with nature by quieting the mind and awakening the senses.  

Skinny Beats Visit this great spot in downtown Asheville to experience a deeply rejuvenating sound bath. 

Asheville Salt Cave Book a session to relax and recharge in this nature-inspired salt cave. 

Outdoor Adventure

You Are Herd Equine Connection experiences

Curtis Wright Outfitters Guided fly fishing trips on the beautiful rivers of Western NC

Waterfalls of WNC A great roundup of waterfalls in our area, with a range of accessibility from roadside viewing to longer, more strenuous hikes.

Outdoor Adventure

Local Accommodations

Local Accommodations & Transportation


Christine @ Greater Asheville Transportation: (828) 490-2887

Asheville Hopper: (828) 620-5300


Pisgah Peaks: 4-bedroom AirBnb in Chandler


Mountains Springs Cabins: Cabins, tiny homes, and yurts

Mountain View Cabin in the Treetops: Cozy and bright cabin with beautiful mountain views

Cabins of Asheville: Cute, simple cabins 2 miles from AIP

Pisgah Highlands:Tiny, off-grid cabins with stunning views (This experience is halfway between staying in a rental house and camping)

Stoney Creek Oasis:  RV and tent camping half a mile from AIP

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