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Nature Therapy

Asheville Integrative Psychiatry views health holistically, and our approach to each patient is as individual as you are. However, the foundation of our approach is facilitating our clients' connection to the natural world. When our relationship with the natural world is healthy, we can learn balance, adaptability, and new ways of growing. At Asheville Integrative Psychiatry, every client encounter centers around nature immersion.

We offer therapeutic services with Erika McClung, PMHNP. With a background in western medicine, but a unique focus on using nature connection to nourish a person's inner healing intelligence, she offers appointments outdoors when weather permits or inside at our retreat.  Erika focuses on engaging clients with the more-than-human world as a path towards deep remembering, creative inspiration, and healing for each other and our planet. Erika draws upon practices from mindfulness-based stress reduction, equine-assisted psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and her own ancestral lineage to invite each individual back into relationship with their bodies, minds, spirits, and the earth. Clients should dress in clothing comfortable for short hikes or sitting comfortably outdoors.  

Asheville Nature Therapy

Our 16-acre retreat is located in the foothills of Mt Pisgah, 25 minutes from downtown Asheville, and offers meditation spaces, indoor and outdoor offices, and room for dance and movement. More importantly, it offers the rich wonders of a small watershed amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains and gives our staff and clients alike space and time to see our inseparable connection to the natural world.

Nature Therapy

90 minute intake - $200

75 minute session - $150

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