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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) for Individuals
at Asheville Integrative Psychiatry's Campus

What if your next doctor's appointment started with a walk in the woods?


Like all psychedelic medicines, the context in which the medicine is taken is profoundly important.  Current evidence and the experiences of our clients shows us that the use of psychedelic medicines in natural settings, paired with guidance in nature connection, leads to the best outcomes. By combining the therapeutic benefits of nature with the transformative potential of psychedelics, we can foster and amplify the innate healing potential that exists within each of us.

healing journey


Healing Journey


Tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals, this intensive healing protocol takes place over the course of 2 - 6 weeks. Our Healing Journey Ketamine Protocol has successfully benefited clients living with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, addictive behaviors, and a range of anxiety disorders.   

The Healing Journey includes:

  • All accommodations listed above

  • 4 sessions of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • 20+ hours of individualized therapy to help you maximize the benefits of ketamine therapy and cultivate lasting change

Inner Voyage


Our single-session Ketamine Therapy is designed to complement existing self-care strategies and is best used by clients looking to catalyze a change in their lives. The Inner Voyage uses the power of a guided psychedelic experience to enhance connection to the self, to others, and to the natural world.  


The Inner Voyage includes:


  • All accommodations listed above

  • One session of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • One preparatory therapy session before KAP

  • One integrative therapy session after KAP

healing journey

Individual KAP at AIP's Campus: What to Expect

In addition to our core services available through all our KAP offerings, including a thorough medical evaluation and therapeutic preparation and integration, Individual KAP at AIP's campus includes: 

  • Non-invasive medical monitoring throughout your session

  • Private and comfortable treatment settings in your choice of a rustic outdoor cabin, nature setting, or indoor yoga/meditation room 

  • Guided nature connection work, with dedicated time in nature prior to beginning the ketamine session

  • Guided meditation and somatic integration 

  • Option to add personalized bodywork/massage from a trauma-informed massage therapist and yoga instructor

We use guided nature connection on our secluded retreat to prepare and ground our clients for the psychedelic terrain ahead. Afterwards, we offer a personalized combination of tools and practices to facilitate integration and embodiment of your experience. Integration may involve nature connection, therapeutic dance, artistic expression, or sensory processing, depending on your unique intentions and journey. We also encourage clients to extend their time at the sanctuary following their ketamine session, taking time to journal, listen to music, or just be in nature. Extended integration services are available as needed/requested.

healing journey

Financing Your Treatment with CareCredit

To help patients access treatment, AIP has partnered with CareCredit, a specialized credit card that offers financing options for medical expenses. CareCredit lets you say "yes" to recommended treatment and pay for it in convenient monthly payments that fit your budget.


If you are interested in using CareCredit to finance your healthcare expenses with us, learn more and find out if you qualify.

If you already have a CareCredit card, you can use it at any time to pay for your treatments at Asheville Integrative Psychiatry.

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